Prep Process

In order to achieve the best results for your masonry project, T.S Masonry uses the following 7 step process to comply with manufacturer's recommendations to ensure long lasting results for your project and materials.

Step 1:


The installer folds the Tyvek paper upward, staples weep screed to OSB (wood subsurface), and secures the top edge of weep screed with tar tape. 

Step 2:

The installer folds the Tyvek paper down, tapes any holes in the Tyvek paper with Tyvek tape.

Step 3:

The installer fastens the rain screen to the building.

Step 4:

The installer fastens the wire mesh to the building using 1 1/4 inch staples to studs every 6-12 inches on studs, then uses 5/8 inch staples every 8-12 inches in between studs. 

Step 5:

The installer applies the mortar to the wire, pushing firmly into the wire.

Step 6:

The installer finishes the prep process with smear coat.

Step 7:

The final step is to apply the thin veneer stone or brick.